Three questions to mee

Three questions to mee
What characterise your design?
I'm trying to use both a simple and complicated mould in my products. I like products that don't show everything instantly. That lets the receiver discover something new after a while. I'm trying to work with that in mind.

I'm also trying to stay positive to spontaneous ides and moulds that comes to mind without a deeper thought. These ideas can sometimes be really useful. As in the electric fitting Memory är ett resultat av detta.

Of course, as all designer I'm striving to find a mould, function or product that you're never seen before.

How would you like to work?
I want to have a close co-operastion with the orderer and their factory. The product will be developed and realised together with the orderer. It's a satisfaction to solve a problem together with the person that in the end will produce the product.  

How are you as a person?
Happy. I belive in kindness and humbleness. And I get disappointed by those who aren't nice to me or others. To have a strong will, but in the same time listen to others, is a quality I hope I will retain. To se the comic at situation in a lot will make life easier.