HTFs congress-04
Seminar & award

Tria is three unions educational programme. During the autumn 2005, Tria were launched in 17 different universities in Sweden. My assignment was to create the interior design. The basis for the interior was to:
  • be easy to transport and put together/take down
  • be used both in small and large spaces
  • be able to function both indoors and outdoors
  • have an information desk and a place for meetings
  • be able to storage different kinds of give-aways
  • be reused for other up-coming events
  • use Trias graphic design and colours

I solved it by making a lounge out of small tables and cushions that could be varied between one to seven groups. To reduce the noise and also to frame the groups, I used carpets on the floor. I made a graphic pattern for the table locking like a tablecloth made of lace. On the table I put small glass bowls where some of the give-aways could fit. For larger give-aways, I used flowerpots on wheals.

Tria had already a few roll-ups that they wanted me to use and integrate with two new I designed. All of them was used as a fond and framed the display area. I also used green spotlights to light up colons or walls to augment the space. Visitors could see the green colon and wall from a distance as they worked as an eye-catcher.

The same pattern that I designed for the roll-ups was also used for the soft drink cans that Tria handed out to the students.